The Benefits of Accordion Hurricane Shutters

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Hurricanes are no laughing matter. In 2012 alone, Hurricane Sandy cost an estimated $50 billion in damages and many lives and livelihoods. Many people’s homes, businesses, places of work, and community centers were destroyed by the storm. There’s only so much you can do to reduce the damage that a hurricane brings, but if you have the opportunity to do so you should take it, and hurricane shutters in Sarasota FL can help.

Even Just One Unprotected Window Can Spell Disaster

One of the best features of accordion hurricane shutters in Sarasota FL is that they’re built in a way that is very versatile and accommodates for the protection of a lot of different window sizes and shapes. The way they roll across the window and secure is great because they can protect windows if they’re inset, bay, or standard shapes.

Not only is this useful, but it could mean the difference between your home being protected from the storm and not. Hurricane shutters should be installed in every window in your home because if even one is unprotected and it implodes, the pressure inside the house can change and even more damage could be done.

You Don’t Need To Store Them Any Special Place

Unlike the old two-by-fours and nails method, you don’t need to keep accordion hurricane shutters in your basement for most of the year. Lugging those planks up and down and in and out of your basement is an incredibly cumbersome thing to do repeatedly. Or, there’s the option to get rid of the wood and replace it every time you need it – but that will definitely get expensive. Since they’re stored on the outside of your home, accordion hurricane shutters in Sarasota FL are out of sight, out of mind, and always there for you when you need them.

Hurricane Shutters in Sarasota FL Provide Safety Above All Else

If you’re on the fence about buying hurricane protective equipment for your home or your business due to thinking that the damage really couldn’t be that bad, think about it from a different perspective. Hurricane shutters do more than just safeguard your belongings and property; they protect your family. When windows shatter under strong hurricane winds they often launch shards of glass into the air, and anyone nearby is in danger of being injured or worse, but accordion shutters will provide the safety you need.

Accordion Shutters Are The Best If You Don’t Have Much Time

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you’re late getting the message that a big storm is coming. Maybe you’ve been sick, out of town for a few days, or you’ve been working to secure and prepare the properties of other people before getting around to your own. Accordion hurricane shutters in Sarasota FL only take a couple of minutes to unfold and latch into place, and one person can do them.

Don’t delay and install your accordion hurricane shutters today. They’re the safe, affordable, and convenient option for you to protect your home, business, and family during a storm. Having hurricane shutters gives you a peace of mind that one thing is taken care of so you can spend your time getting other preparations you need for an oncoming storm.

Blinded By The Light: Blinds, Shades, and Shutters in Tampa, Florida

So this past week, at my rented house in St. Petersburg, Florida, I’ve woken up every morning in a pool of my own sweat and a bedroom flooded with hot Florida sunlight. My ancient and barely functioning shutters happen to be stuck in the one position where early morning light can literally blindside me.  There are some pretty terrible ways to start your morning and this is definitely one of them.  window blinds tampa clearwater st pete

It feels as if summer is already here in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater area, and it seems my house is heating up just as fast. Besides my mornings, the summer heat is damaging the cost of my air conditioning bill and straining relationships between my house mates. So today, I proposed a plan to my cranky house mates: we renovate all of the blinds, shades, and shutters in the house so that they are more efficient. At first, they were hesitant to accept my plan, but once I explained to them how spending money on new blinds would save us more money in our electric bill, they took to the idea.

After comparing prices and figuring out what designs looked best, my house mates and I decided to use Blinds by Design, a contemporary and innovative company, based in the Tampa Bay area. We chose Blinds by Design because, like a lot of houses in St. Petersburg, my house has a Florida room, otherwise known as a Sun room. My house mates and I figured who better to trust with Florida sun issues than a Florida based company. Now in the summer, this one Sun room (which takes up a large part of the house) sucks all of the cold out of the rest of the house, even though it is separated by glass doors. Blinds by Design helped my house mates and I select the best shutters possible to limit sunlight from pouring into the Florida room, thereby saving us a fortune on our utilities. Our next big project is the individual rooms, and while Blinds by Design couldn’t remove my window, they have helped me select a new set of blinds to replace the dilapidated ones I currently have.

This summer, don’t be blinded by the light in the St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, or Sarasota, give Blinds by Design a call at 727-623-4587 or visit their website At Blinds by Design, you will receive professional help and advice with any issues you might have with blinds, shades, and shutters.