Tampa Duct Replacement (& Signs Cleaning Isn’t Enough)

The ducts in our home are not something we think about often. Why would we? It’s not like we see them, or really know what goes on within them from day to day. But if we could, I think we would start paying a little bit more attention. tampaductreplacement

Our duct systems are essentially filters for the air we breathe. Air duct cleaning is necessary to make sure our air supply is not pregnant with air pollutants and contaminants. If they are not properly maintained they can quickly become polluted with debris, dust, pollen, and sometimes mold. This can lead to allergic reactions and illness.

Regularly cleaning your ducts is important but there are some cases where a complete duct replacement is necessary.

One of the factors you may want to consider is how old your home is. Heating and cooling systems that are out of date can be quite troublesome. HVAC and duct cleaning systems today are typically designed around energy efficiency. If someone in your family suffers from allergies, upgrading your air system may be in your best interest—for both money and health reasons.

If you see no signs of contamination or build up from a visual inspection of your ducts, you are probably fine. But the only way to truly know is to hire a professional company that specializes in duct work.

Another tell-tale sign you may need a replacement is if a previously used company installed the system incorrectly. Again, you won’t know without having a professional looked at it, but an indicator of poorly installed system is inadequate heating/cooling throughout your home.

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Tampa Duct Replacement

When people realize their homes are not cooling down or heating up as quickly and effectively as they should be, they often automatically assume to look to the AC unit for the source of the problem—which makes sense and usually is the correct decision. But not always. In some cases, a poorly working HVAC system could mean that you need Tampa duct replacement services.

Your ducts are not an obvious part of your home to be maintained, so it’s hard to know when something is wrong. It helps to know what you should be looking for. Common problem areas in air ducts that may lead to inefficiencies in the cooling and/or heating of your home include:

  • Air leaks
  • Inefficient sealing
  • Wear and tear
  • Improper installation

Make your home a more comfortable place to live. Once you take care of your duct replacement needs, not only will you experience the presence of fewer cold spots, but you will also save a significant amount of money by improving the energy efficiency of your system!

While it would be ideal your home’s ducts have inefficiencies that could be fixed with mild repair work, in the event that you need a full service Tampa duct replacement, give Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp. a call today to schedule an estimate at 888-628-0691.