AC Company: How Often Should I Replace My Filter?

Whenever you have questions concerning your air conditioning or heating unit, it is best to turn to the pros and ask your local AC Company in Largo for answers. Technicians with years of experience will be able to guide you to find a solution to any of your HVAC problems.

Today we’re discussing the big topic of air conditioning filters. Changing them has almost become a subject of controversy, but we are determined to give you a real and final answer. If you ask a trustworthy AC company in Largo, you will be advised to change your filter between once 30 days to once every 90 days.

The reason this schedule varies is because each home has a different environment. Some people are more prone to allergens and pollutants than others; therefore, the frequency at which you need to renew the air filters will change. Here are three things that may have an impact on your filter’s lifespan

  1. Pets: If you have pets that shed, it is a good idea to go ahead and change your filter more regularly. As you probably know dogs and cats will shed a lot, which will add up in the filter.
  2. Allergies: While most of us love the spring because it means beach weather is on the way and flowers will be blooming soon, it also means allergies will start acting up for many of the residents of Largo. During this season where pollen is abundant and enters your home, changing your filter often is the best way to ensure you can manage these allergies.
  3. Cleaning: Vacuuming dust and loose dirt that accumulates around the filter can help them last longer. Check the directions before doing so, as you could damage it.

While you may think replacing filters every 60 or 90 days is too often and will require an important budget, take the time to think about the consequences of not replacing your filters. Replacing them is often a cheaper option compared to other expensive repairs your air conditioning unit would need later on, if they are left unchanged.

If you are looking for a reliable AC company in Largo to take care of your air conditioning unit, Total Air is the right company for you. Their 24 hour 7 days a week service is perfect for any emergencies you have! Give them a call today at 727-822-7700 to set up an appointment for any maintenance or repairs you may need.

AC: To Repair or Replace? That is the question.

When you start to need multiple air conditioning repair services in Clearwater, you might begin to wonder if it would be smarter to just buy a new one instead of dealing with constant break downs. Well, Total Air is here to help! While there is no universal answer to the question of whether you should restore or replace, there are some obvious signs that can help you decide.

Everyone wants to save money, and when faced with a broken unit, many Clearwater residents ask us whether repairs or replacement would be the more financially responsible choice. Signs that you should call for air conditioning repair include:

  1. Newer system. If your AC unit is relatively new, then opt for fixing it in order to get the most out of your investment.
  2. If you are going to be selling your house soon, it would be in your best interests to mend the unit instead of investing in a new one.
  3. 50% rule. If the cost of fixing it is less than half of the unit’s value, then fixing it will be better as long as you don’t need to call for services more than once a month.
  4. Often times, when your system isn’t exactly new anymore, but it isn’t old either, regular maintenance will help it to last longer and allow for minor fixes. Call your Clearwater AC company to ask how you can make sure your unit lasts as long as possible.

Installing a brand new AC unit is a large investment, which is why you should only do it when absolutely necessary. If your air conditioner is more than 15 years old, frequently breaks down during high use, or is more expensive to fix than to replace, you should consider installing a brand new one.

Total Air, Inc., offers high quality of air conditioning repair services in Clearwater, and their trained technicians will ensure that your AC unit runs efficiently for as long as possible. They offer affordable services and a preventative maintenance plan, which even includes discounts on parts. These technicians want you to be able to enjoy cool air, without emptying your wallet. For more information, call today at 727-822-7700.

Springtime AC Maintenance

Now that it’s officially spring, you to need to start thinking about springtime AC maintenance in St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, and Clearwater. Winter is gone for good, meaning we’ll soon be cranking up the air conditioning to combat the hot Florida summer.  When the temperature heats up, you want to know for certain that your home will be as cool as you need. Here at Total Air, we can do a full inspection of your system to make sure it’s ready for summer.

When you call us for AC maintenance, we check:

  • Refrigerant levels: Low levels could indicate a leak that can cause your compressor to burn up resulting in a very expensive repair.
  • All electrical components: We’ll make sure each part is working properly in order to efficiently cool your home.
  • Evaporator and condenser coils: If these are dirty or damaged, the energy efficiency of your unit will decrease greatly, leading to monthly higher electric bills.
  • Thermostat: We check that it is properly calibrated so your air conditioning isn’t working overtime.
  • Check, clean, and replace all filters: This ensures that the air going into your home is as clean as possible and there is no additional strain on the fans.

Scheduling springtime AC maintenance for your St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, and Clearwater home will not only save you money, but provides peace of mind during the coming summer months.

Getting a maintenance check early will leave plenty of time to conduct any necessary repairs so you’ll never have to go without cold air. And while a small leak will not affect your wallet or home too drastically, leaving it until the unit breaks will cost you a lot more, and possibly  even leave you with no air conditioning on a 90 degree summer day. However, when your unit is running properly it requires a lot less energy, which costs you a lot less money.

Here at Total Air, we offer 100% customer satisfaction, 24/7 emergency repair services, regular maintenance checks, and straightforward and affordable prices.  Furthermore, if another company advises you to purchase a major repair or replacement, you can come to us for a free second opinion.

Call us at 727-822-7700 today to schedule AC maintenance in St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, and Clearwater.